Various Updates:

First of all, Aaron Newton and I will be offering the Adapting-in-Place class again for the very last time for at least six months, and maybe longer. So if you've ever thought of taking the class, now is the time!

Adapting in Place is my favorite class - it covers everything from what's inside the walls of your home to appropriate technologies to family issues to money to security. It is the whole picture of how we are going to go forward into a lower-energy, warmer, less wealthy future. The idea is for you to come out with a plan that is uniquely suited to your realities. The class begins on October 5 and runs for six weeks.

The class is offered online and asynchronously - you don't have to be online at any particular time. Here's a link to a previous syllabus - I'll put the current one up in a few days. We have had participants from all over the world in all kinds of circumstances - from renters to owners, from elderly to college students, in cities and the country and everything in between, and everyone has said that the class helped them find their way forward.

The cost of the class is $180 but we do have five scholarship spots for low income participants who couldn't otherwise afford the class, and we're open to equivalent barter. We also accept donations for additional scholarship spots - 100% of all donations goes to open more spots for low income families. Email me at for more information or to register.

Second, ASPO-USA realizes that their conference is costly - too costly for many people to be able to afford to attend. Ideally, we'd offer it for free, but that's just not possible - it is expensive to bring these kinds of speakers together. Still, because ASPO is so strongly committed to making the conference accessible and diversifying its participation as much as it can, for a short time ASPO-USA is offering a less expensive registration for low income participants, younger folk, and anyone who couldn't otherwise afford to attend.

This is *below our cost to produce the conference* so we would ask that if you can afford the full price, you do so. And yes, we realize it is still expensive at $175, although this includes all meals, all receptions and 24 hour free wireless at the conference - and for next year we'll work on even greater accessibility. But this is what we can do now, and we invite you to join us if you can. Here's a great summary of just some of the conference events!

To get the discount, please go to the website: and use the promotional code: peakoil2010.

Also, a reminder that I'll be speaking on "Adapting in Place" on Friday night, October 22, and be part of a community-wide conference on the same subject on Saturday October 23 in New Haven, CT. I'll be at the Center Church on the Green at 7:30 pm on Friday night, and participating all day at the Common Ground High School on Saturday. I hope I'll see you there!



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$175 isn't really expensive at all for a conference like that. Good move!

Sharon, if you have any scholarship spots available still in the Adapting-In-Place series, I would like to try to participate. If not, no worries! Please email me to let me know. Thanks!