PANRC Updates - Circulating Copies of Prelude and Scheduling

Two updates for the Post-Apocalyptic Novel Reading Club. First, I realized that I have scheduled two things for the first of the upcoming month - my "Anyway Project" updates and the first discussion of _The Witch of Hebron_. This is far more than I am likely to accomplish, so I've decided my PANRC will start on the 7th - so you all have an extra reading week. In both cases, the dates are slightly fungible given that your blogiste is a bit of a slacker - if they fall on a Shabbos, holiday or something else important, it will simply be the nearest possible date. But for this month, Anyway comes on the first day of the month, PANRC the following Tuesday.

Also, Kurt Cobb kindly sent me three copies of _Prelude_ to mail around. What I'll do is send them to the first three requests I get at my email address ( When you are done, email me, and I'll post your email addresses (yes, you have to be willing to have your addy appear on my blog - I don't have time to arrange all the hookups myself) and you can send it to the next person in line. To make it quicker, if you don't hear back from whoever is doing the sending within 48 hours, assume you are *not* getting a copy on this round. My guess is that we can get these copies around to at least 6-8 readers each in the time between now and the end of January. Whoever holds them at the end can donate them to their local library.

Edited to Add - First three copies are already allocated - you can still be the next recipient, though! Hold that thought until we announce.



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Amazon claims my copy is sitting in my PO box right now. I just need to coordinate access hours and vehicular usage...

Once I'm done reading it, I'm happy to loan it to others. I'll write my email inside because I'd kinda like to have it back after the discussion to give to someone else.

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