Cities, Books, Updates.... at Least it Isn't Monday!

I kind of wandered off on y'all - we just spent four days visiting and celebrating Thanksanukah ;-) with biological and chosen family. We didn't go to my parents' place for Thanksgiving this year, so we headed out and ate turkey and latkes together, spent four glorious days goofing off, and are home refreshed.

Of course, in the meantime I realized I was *supposed* to have written my Anyway Project Update before I left (it was kind of like packing my toothbrush - somehow some things just get left behind - and there's not "Anyway Project Update Store" in Beverly MA, the way there are drugstores that will sell you a toothbrush). And today I'm supposed to be doing the first post in my new Urbanization series, with Liz Borkowski at the Pump Handle, and also the first post of my Post-Apocalyptic Novel reading series, on Jim Kunstler's _The Witch of Hebron_.

But there are some hitches. Like the snow that screwed up Eli's bus transport and messed up my morning schedule, and the fact that Eli doesn't sleep much when he gets excited (and he was very excited to see everyone) so we're sleep deprived and chose sleep over early morning diligence at the computer. And the fact that I've been reading Percy Jackson books with Simon obsessively and I haven't quite finished _The Witch of Hebron_ (I will by tonight, though). Oh, and the fact that it is the end of the term for Eric and he's leaving for 12 hours in about 40 minutes, leaving me with the kids. And the fact that last week the temps were in the 50s, and today they are 21 degrees, and I haven't even sealed up the windows... Oh, and the 109 emails in my box when I got back this morning after 5 days away from the computer. And that's after I got rid of the spam.

All of which means that I'm officially cancelling Monday, and moving it until tomorrow, so that I'm not so far behind. I realize yesterday was Sunday, and that already happened, but today cannot be Monday. All of these things will start on Monday, but today is absolutely, positively not Monday, because I'm just plain not ready for it. Today, then, is one of those rare interstitial days, "Not-Monday, December ^" All of you who, like me, are a little under-prepared for today now get an extra day! I will be putting up a short piece on urbanization, which will make me look cool and awesome - here I am, putting things up ahead of time - how does she do it? ;-).

Happy Not-Monday, folks!



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You're perfect! Thanks! Having spent the entire weekend in bed sick, I wasn't ready for today either. I thought I could post pone it until noon & be ok. But I think canceling it all together is a much better idea.

It stinks being a homeschooling mommy when you're sick -- I always feel guilty like I'm holding other people back.

By ErinRErun (not verified) on 06 Dec 2010 #permalink

Since my day got off to a 'Monday" start-running late, coffee was almost forgotten-I'm glad to hear that it's not Monday. Just a slightly annoying not-monday.

It's Tuesday where I am, so you're right, it's definitely not Monday........I'm in favor of cancelling all of them ;-)

By sealander (not verified) on 06 Dec 2010 #permalink

I only wish I had known it was not-Monday before I went to work this morning.