Best Love Song Ever

"Everyone says I love you, but just what they say it for I never knew. Its just inviting trouble for the poor sucker who says I love you."

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alas! The clip ends immediately before one of my all time favorite bits. The College Widow starts talking baby talk to Groucho, in an attempt to get the football plays. His response:

"If Icky Baby don't stop tawkin wike dat, Big Stwong Man's gonna push ALL her teef, wite down her fwoat!"


Surely a major battle in the Gender Wars.

I mean, really?? I'm a scientist, and just reading that even made *my* eyes glaze over. If one thing they're trying to convey is the importance and relevance of the scientist's research to GQ readers, what percentage of the readers are really going to walk away with a deeper understanding of what Dr. Jamieson does by reading that description? It would have been a small thing to ask each participant to submit a layman-friendly version of their research (their "elevator talk" description, for example) for GQ to include.

Finally--one of the "scientists" is Dr. Oz. What is he doing in there? One, I would think he's already well-known enough; why not save that spot for another scientist? Two, yes, I know he's actually done research and published, and is on the faculty at Columbia. Fantastic. He's also a serious woo peddler, who has even featured everyone's favorite "alternative" doc, Joseph Mercola, on his talk show, and discussed how vaccines may be playing a role in autism and allergies (despite mounds of evidence to the contrary). This seems to completely contradict their goal of "research funding as a national priority," since Oz is often (and Mercola is always) highly critical of "mainstream medicine." I really don't understand his inclusion, and think it's to the detriment of the rest of the campaign.

Wow, you were watching a whole nother set of Marx Brothers, dude.