Talisman Terry the Fracosaurus will Help You Get Used to that Gas Well!

Apparently Talisman Energy is taking the case for fraccing to kids in an adorable coloring book. As World Oil News reports:

Following Talisman Terry, children are simplistically introduced to the complex issues of unconventional drilling, pipeline
construction and land reclamation. Presented in before, during and after drilling images, the gas drilling process is introduced as
a gentle engagement with a natural environment. Post-drilling, a fountain-like rainbow appears in the distance and an eagle
soars over an innocuous-looking wellhead.

Of course it does! And the well goes on producing for a thousand years, too! Gotta get the kids some of these coloring books!

Oh, and there's an awesome Colbert bit here! Hat tip to T for pointing this out!


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Oh please, someone tell me this is clearly humor, a spoof, some midsummer fun! This sort of thing is enough to make me want to beg Derek Jensen to take me on as camp follower.

By Stacy Canterbury (not verified) on 20 Jul 2011 #permalink


Do they leave out the parts about the history of contaminating ground water and ruining local wells until the Young Adults version? Does the book illustrate the enormous mineral and chemical wealth of the sludge pool that results (even though it is economically unfeasible to process), or merely mention how toxic it is, with all the chemicals and salt injected along with the heavy metals, etc., that it picks up?

And what about the part where Congress forbade the EPA from monitoring or regulating the practice, and the money that changed hands and the political and special interests involved in the "Haliburton Loophole"?

@ Desert Lean-to, I would use this as an example of propaganda, similar to Tobacco industry efforts of the 1950s and 1960s.