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Now that's hot, baby! Happy Valentine's Day!

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For the last few years, Claire L. Evans and friends have been producing a television show designed to teach computers about the human experience. On Valentine's Day, the term technophile got a new meaning on Universe. Claire explains, "we made some valentines for you and your computer to share.…
I love fools experiments. I am always making them. - Charles R. Darwin Support The Beagle Project Read the Beagle Project Blog Buy the Beagle Project swag Prepare ahead for the Darwin Bicentennial Read Darwin for yourself. Happy Valentine's Day!
...some vintage posters raising awareness about the other VD: venereal disease. (Click on them to go to the original site). A few more highlights below the fold... And this one, which is better appreciated at larger size so you can read the print: There are 20 posters in all, plus this…
tags: nerds, valentine's day, comedy, funny, humor, parody, offbeat, music video, education, streaming video I did what this guy suggests and went one further: I married a nerd (but not on VD). It's kinda hard being a nerd on Valentine's Day. Cause Statistically ladies don't feel the same way. So…

Should I recognize the male child in the photo?

Must. Share. This. Brilliant!

By Kerri in AK (not verified) on 13 Feb 2012 #permalink

Glenn, that's Ryan Gosling. There's a site people submit mems to, with Ryan Gosling. The name of the blog is kind of dirty, so I won't write it here, but you can find it if you search for "Hey Girl" and Ryan Gosling. I don't think he has anything to do with it.