Wow, I'm the Deserving Poor!

Note, no matter what I do it won't embed properly - sorry about that. Here's the link and thanks to Kerri for finding it:

Friend Jerah sent this to me, pointing out that since I don't use a refrigerator, my family is among the .04% of the US population that constitutes the "deserving' poor. I'm so proud!

I thought it had to do with income, in which case I'm not, in fact, poor, but no, it is all about the appliance ownership! We're really getting somewhere now - who knew picking up a microwave at a yard sale or living in a subsidized apartment with an actual fridge made you rich?

It has been so incredibly hard for those of us who write about poverty to actually figure out who the right would consider to deserve some assistance, but now we have a meaningful metric - no appliances at all. Gotcha!


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By that guy who p… (not verified) on 20 Apr 2012 #permalink

Does that mean that because I don't have a TV, I'm one of the deserving poor too? ;-)

My refrigerator died, mostly, about five years ago now. The door light still works as a night light, though. But now I guess I feel poor.

Sharon can't see the link is dead because she's also too poor to use a computer. ;)

(Actually she can't see it because it's Saturday. Good shabbos, Sharon.)

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