And in Other News:Giant Wonkin' Family of Boys Edition

Just as I was getting back in the swing of regular blogging again, I got quite a surprise - this afternoon we got called and asked to take an additional foster placement - a 2 day old newborn.  As I write this, I have a tiny, sweet little person asleep in my arms (it turns out that like riding a bicycle, you never forget how to type and hold a baby).   And yes, Z. is yet another boy!  I shoulda known - just when someone gave me a buttload of girl baby clothes and Barbies ;-).

So, umm, if I don't post much in the next few days it is because I'm sleep deprived, drunk on new baby scent and trying to remember what the heck you do with one of these.  It has, after all, been a while.

And yes, if you are keeping count, that's seven boys.  The original four, Eli (12), Simon (10), Isaiah (8) and Asher (6) along with our two foster sons K. (8) and C. (7).  And now, of course, we've  got Z, who is just begun.  Fun times here!


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Ok, now, see, you have PROOF that contraceptives really don't work for you guys! Babies just drop out of the sky on you.

: - )

Congratulations. I find it hard to imagine a greater compliment than that they asked you to take a newborn. Wow.

Congrats on the new placement. We keep getting calls for infants too but are busy right is with our current placement and dh only wants to take one at a time in addition to our own crew. Good luck! Now u can use all those cloth diapers:) you've been colle ting!

Btw, do you need a sling or a wrap? I might be able to scrounge up a spare:)

That cannot be a happy story,


Blessed be, to you and yours!

I guess now is not the time to pick your brain about getting into the FP scene...DH and I are talking/thinking/exploring the idea. Maybe when things calm down a bit at your house we can talk. BTW, my kids still fondly remember the visit to your house so many years ago and can recite the names of your original four with no hesitation!

So very exciting Sharon! How fun to have a house full of rowdy boys!!

Heidi, drop me an email and I'll send you my number. I'd love to talk about it with you. My kids also remember the visit fondly and I'd love to do it again - the only reason we hadn't is disorganization, not lack of desire!

Brad, it isn't, and it something that I try and imagine - how hard it is for a woman to give birth and then leave the hospital without a baby. I'll be meeting her soon when she visits with her son, and I've been thinking about her a lot.