It has been a long couple of weeks.  It took a full week for the stomach virus to drag through the entire household two weeks ago...when I thought we were done, well...not.  Last Friday we were finally clear, and able to leave the house again...just as Eli began his week long school break (Eli, who has autism, does not like breaks in his routine, so this is not a good thing.)

On Saturday, after my first night's sleep entirely uninterrupted by anyone saying "Mooooooom...I don't FEEEEEEL Good," we took an emergency placement of two children, a six year old boy and 10 year old girl.  They were wonderful, delightful kids, and we were told early in the week they would probably be with us for a while, only to have them go to relatives on Thursday.  But that's foster care - a lot of whiplash.  Most of the week was devoured by doctor's appointments, court dates and visits.

I have a book due any second that I've barely touched in two weeks, so I'm back, but don't expect much until I get the book off.  Yes, I just realized about my other site.  Yes, it will get fixed.

I need a nap ;-).




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You do realize, there's a reason why the idiom is "I'm going to TAKE a nap."

You have to TAKE it. Ain't nobody going to give you one.

So- did you get one? : - )