Our Family Discusses Love, Favoritism and Fur

Yesterday morning Isaiah (10) asked me with a grin on his face: "Which one of us is your FAVORITE child?"

My answer "None of you. I like Rubeus best. He's quiet, and soft, never talks to me,  and takes care of almost all his own needs."

D. (11) "But he's not a kid, he's a cat."

Me: "Shhh...you'll make him feel bad. He's my baby too."

D. "But you aren't a cat and you didn't give birth to him."

Me: "I didn't give birth to you  either, and just because you don't look like me doesn't make you not my baby. We don't discriminate in this family on the grounds of fuzzy ears and paws either."

D. "He's still not a kid, so he can't be your favorite."

Me: "You are just jealous because you can't lick yourself clean."

D. <Cracks up.>


<Dinnertime that same day>

Isaiah (again with a huge grin on his face - he likes to start trouble): "I think Simon and D. are really suffering inside since they learned you love the cat better than them."

D: "I'm not.  I don't care if you love the cat."

Simon(12): "Well, I am a little, and there's definitely a coldness now between me and Rubeus.  So Mom, are we at least in your top 100?"

Me: "Absolutely."

Simon: "Where in the top 100?"

Me: "Well, behind the goats, the cats and the dog.  But I don't think I love the individual poultry better than I love you guys.  You are definitely in the top 75, even."

D. "She's just kidding."

Simon: "I don't know, Mom - I see you tucking the chickens in at night and reading bedtime stories to the ducks.  I'm a little hurt that you like them better.  But I think chocolate cookies and watching three hours of Muppet Show episodes would help me feel better."

Asher (8): "Me too - I definitely need to feel better."

D. "I'm going to need a LOT of cookies."



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Well-played m'lady. Well-played :)

Always nice to see that a sense of humor is inheritable!

By Edward Bryant (not verified) on 06 Feb 2014 #permalink