LHC: dark matters

Continuing slow live blog of the “New Particle Physics at the LHC and Its Connection to Dark Matter” workshop at the Aspen Center for Physics.

Series of short talks this morning:

"A WIMPy Baryogenesis Miracle" by
Yanou Cui, Lisa Randall, Brian Shuve (arXiv:1112.2704)
interesting and possibly useful speculation on how electroweak scale WIMPs could couple to normal matter in early universe and actually generate some or all of the normal matter, in particular in such a way as to generate the observed matter/anti-matter asymmetry.

Aside: Quantum Diaries has the down and dirty details of the Higgs discover papers

Models Now Excluded
This is how you do physics: models excluded by the 125 GeV boson - from the CERN twiki, shamelessly cribbed from the Quantum Diaries above.

Also aside, new large scale simulation of the universe, with dark matter natch, from Volker Springel et al

Ok, here is the youtube...

Next LHC dark talk: searching for fractionally charged strongly interacting particles.
Some models invalidated. Good.

Last talk: looking for monojets?
To see if there is anything giving a 130 GeV photon signature like the claimed excess from Milky Way center.
No sign of 130 GeV solo photon excess in LHC stat

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