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"Text of Bolden Response to Wolf Letter Re Chinese Participation in Kepler Conference" - from

>From: Bolden, Charles (HQ-AA000)
>Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2013 12:20 PM Central Standard Time
>Subject: Response to Chairman Wolf

"It is unfortunate that potential Chinese participants were refused attendance at the upcoming Kepler Conference at the Ames Research Park. Mid-level managers at Ames, in performing the due diligence they believed appropriate following a period of significant concern and scrutiny from Congress about our foreign access to NASA facilities, meetings and websites, acted without consulting NASA HQ. Upon learning of this exclusion, I directed that we review the requests for attendance from scientists of Chinese origin and determine if we can recontact them immediately upon the reopening of the government to allow them to reapply. Any of them applying and meeting the clearance requirements in place for foreign citizens will be accepted for participation in the Conference.

A formal, more detailed response to the Chairman's 6-page letter will not be available until after the government is reopened. You may share this message verbatim with Diana and others on Chairman Wolf's staffs.

Charlie B. "

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He seems to be trying to deflect blame from himself.

By Supernaut (not verified) on 22 Oct 2013 #permalink

You can read the entire sad story over at Nasawatch, but, as they say, the finger is pointing in the wrong direction. Rep. Frank Wolf has been bashing every connection NASA has with China, even getting a law passed banning Chinese nationals from nasa facilities and building, and so the CYA decision at Ames was not surprising.

The story of how Wolf

By Eli Rabett (not verified) on 05 Nov 2013 #permalink