Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?

I am Coturnix.

If that is insufficient information for you, click on "Read more..."

I used to run three blogs (all three linked from the sidebar): Science And Politics (a little bit about everything, certainly not limited to just science and politics), Circadiana (focused on chronobiology: study of biological timing, including circadian clocks, photoperiodism and the biology and medicine of sleep) and The Magic School Bus (a blog about education, especially Higher Ed and science education).

You can learn much more about me if you click on the "About" button above, just below the banner.

With my move here, to SEED scienceblogs, I will completely shut down Circadiana and The Magic School Bus (though I will not delete them as their archives contain valuable content), and will keep Science And Politics running at lower frequency of posting, narrowing the focus to posts interesting to local, North Carolina readers, including covering local political races once the election time gets closer, covering the career of John Edwards, covering topics interesting to readers from the Balkans, etc. Everything else will be posted here, with no or almost no cross-posting between the two blogs.

Over the next several months, I will gradually re-publish here some of my best posts - those that need to be archived here as I may repeatedly want to link back to them in my new posts. Whenever I re-publish one of my posts you will see an icon that looks somewhat like this:
i-710d005c8660d36282911838843a792d-ClockWeb logo2.JPG
If you are an old reader of mine, feel free to skip those old posts - they are meant for the new audience that blogging at SEED will expose me to.

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A lovely job Bora!..from banner to content! What a fanatastic life story too.

I'm still working on things and am having trouble with the display of my banner on the "About" and "Contact" pages. It screws up the right sidebar and overlaps some of the header post text only on those pages despite the fact that I copied the code directly from my Main Index template. Sent an e-mail to Tim to see if I'm doing something wrong.