On republishing my old posts

According to Blogger Dashboard (which cannot be trusted, but there is no other source), I have written a total of 2420 posts (Science And Politics - 2124; Circadiana - 220; The Magic School Bus - 76). Many of those posts are too irrelevant to move to the Archives here - things like carnival announcements, linkfests with lots of dead links, outdated news, etc.

But, there are perhaps somewhere between 100 and 200 posts that are, in my opinion, good, timeless and thoughtful. [more under the fold]

Starting on Monday I will start moving them over here, one at a time. I'll use the 'scheduled posting' to have them appear here always at the same time, perhaps in early morning. That way I can line up many of them in advance and they will show up day after day at a scheduled date and time. This way, once I get tehm all lined up, I can just forget about them and focus instead on writing new posts with fresh material.

I was thinking that there should be some kind of rhym'n'reason to the scheduling of those reposts. I will try - and may change that if it does not work well, to have a predictable order.

So, Monday will be the day for reposting stuff about biological rhythms and clocks, biology and medicine of sleep and related posts from Circadiana.

Tuesday will be a Miscellaneous Day, mixing personal posts and posts about blogging with musings on religion, pseudoscience, books, movies, etc.

Wednesday will see posts about science other than chronobiology. This may or may not include Creationist-bashing.

Thursday will be reserved for posts about education, including my lecture notes.

Finally, Friday will be the day for political posts. How does that sound to you?

So, if you are an old reader of mine, feel free to skip over those reposts. Hopefully the new readers will find them fresh and interesting.

More like this

Or you could do what I plan to do and rerun such posts when you're on vacation. For example, I plan on being away the latter part of August. I'll be setting up the timed posts feature to be reposting some of the "best" of the old blog on a once or twice a day basis while I'm gone...

I'm trying to start a neuroblog carnival and would like you to be a contributor and co-host. I'm hoping to post the first edition on my blog on 1st July.

If you'd like to take part, please email me at mo187uk@yahoo.com with links to up to 3 neuro-related post from your blog.