New York City trip - Part VIII: Around Manhattan

Sunday, May 28th

Keeping with our strategy of making sure the kids are having fun (instead of trying to see everything we wanted to see), we decided on Sunda morning to do what kids wanted to do. So, we checked out of the hotel early and took a long walk west towards the river. At the pier, we got on a Circle Line ferry and took a three-hour trip all around the island of Manhattan.

The guide was an obnoxious guy, inserting too much personal and political opinion, but he knew enough about the history and importance of various buildings for us to learn more. We got really close to the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island, slid tightly under a few low bridges, and generally relaxed in the gentle breeze on a hot day, enjoying the scenery and soaking up information. That information will come in handy next time - we now have some new ideas as to where we'll want to go and what to see.

When we got back to the hotel, we had a couple of hours to kill. Unfortunately, because we checked out early, we missed a phone-call by Lindsay - it would have been nice to meet her at last. Next time, I hope.

Apparently on Sundays (or at least some Sundays) they close off a portion of the 7th avenue where they erect some kind of an open-air market, so we went there and looked around. We ate lunch at - of all places - McDonalds, but that is where kids wanted to eat.

Then we hailed a cab and went to LaGuardia. It seemed ridiculous that we had to go through all that security going OUT of New York City, but who said anything about security had to make sense?

The flight was uneventful, and we arrived at RDU airport on time. The airport was practically deserted. We hopped on a bus which took us to the Park&Ride where we left our van, and I drove us all safely home.

The cats were fine and very happy to see us. They most definitely did not run out of food and water while we were gone - I made sure of that before we left. The fish were a little pale and hungry, but that was remedied within minutes. I went to the neighbors' house and picked up the dog who, apparently, had a grand time playing with the resident Giant Chihuaha.

Now, my wife has already made plans with three of her friends to go to NYC again in October. I'll stay at home with the kids, but one day it will be my turn again. Not to mention that there are other great cities in the world that we should take the kids to while they are still young enough to want to come with us.

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