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159 posts: that is 53 per week - a suit of cards with a Jocker - or roughly 7.5 posts per day! You have to click on Archives - June 2006 to see them all!


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$582.52 raised for DonorsChoose (9 of the 15 projects fully funded)

Technorati Rank: 15,376 (245 links from 135 sites), which is nice drop down from around 32millionth three weeks ago.

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The final bit of meta-blogging I'll do this weekend is another look at what survives from past years. Unfortunately, when National Geographic took over, they broke our Google Analytics access, so I can't see blog stats from before mid-2012 any more. I do, however, have this old post listing the top…
Yes, we can play now - 52 with no Jockers! Though, to play rummy, we'd need a whole another deck. And we can get there fast if you hurry up!
Sandra Porter was out of town, but now she's back and she is joining the DonorsChoose drive - the 20th scienceblogger to do so. Furthermore, she is adding some cool new prizes to the prize pool - check 'em out. Go to Sandy's challenge here. Also, one of the non-scienceblog science blogs - the…
Thanks for all of your help since yesterday. Here's some of the data I've culled out from the first 24 hours: Blogpost visits: 654 Visitor sources:  24% of entrances to the post were from Greg Laden's blog. Feedburner (probably multiple sources): 165 facebook: 98 Retweets: 83 (probably)…