T-rex at night!

I saw a trailer for Night at the Museum the other day and I can't wait to see the movie (opens December 22). Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt - Priceless!
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Yesterday, at our department's end-of-the-year party, I was informed that I was one of two winners this year of the Outstanding Research Poster Award. Figure 1: And I have a nifty little certificate to prove it! Figure 2: Here it is.
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All the online movie geeks are beating up on this one pretty badly -- calling it a Jumanji rip-off. But I'm looking forward to it, for the simple fact I love natural history museums. We haven't had a movie set in a museum since -- what? Relic?

Absolutely! And I loved Relic...and Jumanji! The way T.rex moves in the trailer is such an obvious reference to Jurassic Park! And Carla Gugino is somwehere in there as well (no Mira Sorvino, but good enough for an evening at the movie theater).

My daughter is looking forward to this one! My 4-year old paleontologist noticed right away the T-Rex getting water at the fountain. Her skeptical mind noted right away that bones can't drink!