They Blinded Me With Science!

Ask a ScienceBlogger:

What's the best science TV show of all time?

This one's easy: Dont' Ask Me, 1970s BBC show starring Magnus Pyke, i-b04d099dba675e08b50dfec3e1265417-magnus_pyke.jpg
David Bellamy i-79f45828bd862002dd66f77bcfc85a3c-david bellamy.jpg
and Miriam Stoppard i-afd653740fb72b8bbe3691068777d17c-miriam stopphard.jpg (and occasionally some other people). Absolutely the best of all time!

Update: Thanks to Brandon, you can see a short clip:

That is actually one of the weakest and tamest I remember. You should have seen where Magnus explains coriolis force, or quicksand!

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Aaah. Magnus Pike - the reason I'm a food scientist today. Wave those hands about 'cos science is very exciting.

The Beeb had (and still has) some great science shows: Horizon, Tomorrow's World, all the David Attenborough and other nature shows. Patrick Moore on the Sky at Night.

All reasons that I became a scientist.

How on earth do you know of Magnus Pike? I barely know of him and I'm British. I remember Tommorrows world in the early 80's, but I dont think your that old either.

Let me remaind you: optical illusion with "big" Bellamy and "little" Pyke in room, why chimeny breaks when falls, what is sound in finger cracking, can you break a glass with singers voice, why honey curves when falling...