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I and the Bird #37 is up on Five Wells.

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Mary Ann at Five Wells is hosting the current issue of I and the Bird, issue #37. This is a blog carnival that celebrates the best writing about birds in the blogosphere. Do you write about birds or birding? Don't keep your passion to yourself. The next I and the Bird will be hosted by none other…
Carnival of the Blue #37 is up on Blogfish I and the Bird #127 is up on The Drinking Bird Friday Ark #299 is up on Modulator
Friday Ark #115 Carnival of Education #95 I and the Bird #37 The Tangled Bank will be at Down to Earth next Wednesday—send those links in to me or
I've been very, very bad at keeping up with all the carnivals, so here's a quick roundup. Carnival of the Liberals #15 I and the Bird #26 Carnival of Education #72 Skeptics' Circle #37 Carnival of Feminists #17 Circus of the Spineless seeks submissions! As usual, talk about whatever you want in the…