Pilobolus galore

You know I love Pilobolus (the fungus, not the danced troupe), as I wrote a very long post about it before, the cutely titled Postscript to Pittendrigh's Pet Project - Phototaxis, Photoperiodism and Precise Projectile Parabolas of Pilobolus on Pasture Poop.

Then I returned to it later to point out some cool pictures of it.

Now, via Bouphonia, I discovered a great article with a time-lapse movie over on the Cornell Mushroom Blog, which I somehow missed although it was a part of the December edition of Animalcules.

And through trackbacks on that post, I discovered a new Slovenian mycology blog Glive (this means "Fungi" in Slovenian which I can somewhat, but not too well, understand if I read slowly and carefully). The new blog has, in its blogroll, both MIKROBioLOG('Microbiologist'), which I have mentioned and blogrolled before, and Nove biologije ('New Biology') which is new to me.

Like Pilobolus itself, the blogging about Pilobolus shoots far and sticks well.


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