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Reposted, as I needed to add a few of the most recent posts to the list - see under the fold:

Now that this blog has won the Award in the Biology category, people are coming here and looking for biology posts. And on a blog with almost 10,000 posts, they may not be easy to find. So, I put together a collection of posts that I think are decent under the fold. Different lengths, styles, topics, reading-levels - hopefully something for everyone:

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sleep (But Were Too Afraid To Ask)
Why social insects do not suffer from ill effects of rotating and night shift work?
Some hypotheses about a possible connection between malaria and jet-lag
My latest scientific paper: Extended Laying Interval of Ultimate Eggs of the Eastern Bluebird
Evolutionary Medicine: Does reindeer have a circadian stop-watch instead of a clock?
No more 'alpha male'!
Influence of Light Cycle on Dominance Status and Aggression in Crayfish and Crayfish, warming up for a fight! and Circadian Rhythm of Aggression in Crayfish
Spiders and Bycicles
Seasonal Affective Disorder - The Basics
Friday Weird Sex Blogging - Sex On The (Dreaming) Brain
Chossat's Effect in humans and other animals
Domestication - it's a matter of time (always is for me, that's my 'hammer' for all nails)
Lithium, Circadian Clocks and Bipolar Disorder
Why do earthworms come up to the surface after the rain?
Do sponges have circadian clocks?
Friday Weird Sex Blogging - Corkscrewing
Oxytocin and Childbirth. Or not.
Hot Peppers - Why Are They Hot?
Circadian Rhythms, or Not, in Arctic Reindeer
Friday Weird Sex Blogging - Cooling The Balls
Clocks and Migratory Orientation in Monarch Butterflies
Postscript to Pittendrigh's Pet Project - Phototaxis, Photoperiodism and Precise Projectile Parabolas of Pilobolus on Pasture Poop
Now We Are Six*
Have you hugged your horse today?
Friday Weird Sex Blogging - Deepest Lovin'
Phase-Response Curve and T-Cycles: Clocks and Photoperiodism in Quail
Running, breathing and being a horse
Flirting under Moonlight on a Hot Summer Night, or, The Secret Night-Life of Fruitflies
Do whales sleep?
Does circadian clock regulate clutch-size in birds? A question of appropriatness of the model animal.
Friday Weird Sex Blogging - The Birds Do It....
Magnetotactic Bacteria
Revenge of the Zombifying Wasp
Are cryptochromes involved in magnetoreception in migratory birds?
Sixth Sense? Give Me A Break!
Quail: How many clocks?
Hot boiled wine in the middle of the winter is tasty....
Friday Weird Sex Blogging - Losing Your Head For Love
Yes, Archaea also have circadian clocks!
Rainforest Glow-worms glow at night because their clock says so
Persistence In Perfusion
Circadian Clocks in Microorganisms
Clocks in Bacteria I: Synechococcus elongatus
Clocks in Bacteria II: Adaptive Function of Clocks in Cyanobacteria
Clocks in Bacteria III: Evolution of Clocks in Cyanobacteria
Clocks in Bacteria IV: Clocks in other bacteria
Clocks in Bacteria V: How about E.coli?
Mel-Mel-Mel: it's easy to remember in snowshoe hares
How eyes talk to each other?
Daily Rhythms in Cnidaria
Me and the Copperheads
Biological Clocks in Protista
Cortisol necessary for circadian rhythm of cell division
Small Arctic Mammals Entrain to Something during the Long Summer Day
VIP synchronizes mammalian circadian pacemaker neurons
Eight Hours a Circadian Rhythm Do Not Make
Serotonin, Melatonin, Immunity and Cancer
Waking Experience Affects Sleep Need in Drosophila
Ah, Zugunruhe!
Diversity of insect circadian clocks - the story of the Monarch butterfly
Chestnut Tree Circadian Clock Stops In Winter
Spring Forward, Fall Back - should you watch out tomorrow morning?
Wikipedia, just like an Organism: clock genes wiki pages
The Amplitude Problem
Tau Mutation in Context
The Lark-Mouse and the Prometheus-Mouse
Shift Work labeled as a Probable Cause of Cancer
JETLAG - new circadian gene in Drosophila
Everything Important Cycles
How Period and Timeless Interact in Fruitflies
Is That Your Jet-Lag Treatment Showing or are you just Happy To See Me?
A Pacemaker is a Network
Lesson of the Day: Circadian Clocks are HARD to shift!
Sun Time is the Real Time
A Huge New Circadian Pacemaker Found In The Mammalian Brain
Clock in the primate adrenal and Yes, there is a clock in the adrenal gland, so what?
The Mighty Ant-Lion
Compared to your pet iguana, you are practically blind
Deceptive Metaphor of the Biological Clock
Melatonin in Human Milk
Do you love or hate Cilantro?
How Global Warming Disrupts Biological Communities - a Chronobiological Perspective
Clock Classics: It all started with the plants
Lysenko Gets A D-Minus On My Genetics Test
Extreme Dinosaur: Nigersaurus, the Mesozoic Cow!
The Hopeless Monster? Not so fast!
Underfunded? Or Unpopular?
Cloning - what's the big deal?
Transgenic Chicken
Books: 'Evolution's Rainbow' by Joan Roughgarden
Books: 'Biased Embryos and Evolution' by Wallace Arthur
Books: 'Coming To Life' by Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
Books: 'Snooze...Or Lose! - 10 "No-War" Ways To Improve Your Teen's Sleep Habits' by Helene A. Emsellem, MD
Sleep Schedules in Adolescents
More on sleep in adolescents
When Should Schools Start in the morning?
Adolescent Sleep Schedule
Has the word 'gene' outlived its usefulness?
Evo-Devo: what new animal models should we pick?
Did A Virus Make You Smart?
Basics: Biological Clock
The Clock Metaphor
The Nobel Prize conundrum
Parasite of my parasite is not my friend
Jumping on the 'omics' Bandwagon
Circadian Quackery
Darwinian Method
Green Sahara Cemeteries
An Awesome Whale Tale

Introduction to Chronobiology:

ClockTutorial #1 - What Is Chronobiology
ClockTutorial #2: Basic Concepts and Terms
ClockTutorial #2a: Forty-Five Years of Pittendrigh's Empirical Generalizations
ClockTutorial #3a - Clock Evolution
ClockTutorial #3b - Whence Clocks?
Clock Tutorial #3c - Darwin On Time
Clock Tutorial #4: On Methodology
ClockTutorial #5: Circadian Organization
Clock Tutorial #6: To Entrain Or Not To Entrain, That Is The Question
Clock Tutorial #7: Circadian Organization in Mammals
Clock Tutorial #8: Circadian Organization In Non-Mammalian Vertebrates
Clock Tutorial #9: Circadian Organization In Japanese Quail
Clock Tutorial #10: Entrainment
Clock Tutorial #11: Phase-Shifting Effects Of Light
Clock Tutorial #12: Constructing the Phase Response Curve
Clock Tutorial #13: Using The Phase Response Curve
Clock Tutorial #14: Interpreting The Phase Response Curve
Clock Tutorial #15: Seasonality
Clock Tutorial #16: Photoperiodism - Models and Experimental Approaches

BIO101 tutorials:

Biology and the Scientific Method
Cell Structure
Protein Synthesis: Transcription and Translation
Cell-Cell Interactions
From One Cell To Two: Cell Division and DNA Replication
From Two Cells To Many: Cell Differentiation and Embryonic Development
From Genes To Traits: How Genotype Affects Phenotype
From Genes To Species: A Primer on Evolution
What Creatures Do: Animal Behavior
Organisms In Time and Space: Ecology
Origin of Biological Diversity
Evolution of Biological Diversity
Current Biological Diversity
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
Physiology: Regulation and Control
Physiology: Coordinated Response


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