Professor Steve Steve - new pictures

A few are under the fold, but many more can be found here.

This one is older, back when Chris Mooney was in Raleigh for a book reading:
i-636e72a5238095c9dcec5a1ad07d8746-a1 - with Mooney.JPG

Prof.Steve Steve with Larry Moran at the Friday dinner just before the Science Blogging Conference:
i-b741fcb16b97e62de03274329c0cbbad-a2 Moran.JPG

Larry and Jane Moran:
i-cd6ed34af76bb7101e4a8a17f27b1983-a3 Larry and Jane Moran.JPG

Prof. Steve Steve watching Janet blogging:
i-ef67c7b99dbc31a0cb2570edac4db6b3-a4 watching Janet blogging.JPG

Color scheme fits with the Darwin shirt:
i-f066f35556c5111f694c6d7e765fcb81-a5 with Darwin.JPG

With Rep. Brad Miller on Saturday night at the end of the Conference:
i-e9984a76f244585bfde5ad4b35bc1171-a7 with Rep Miller.JPG

Meeting Paddington Bear:
i-fce3f44f2a08a9444017216f90fa6142-a6 with Paddington Bear.JPG

Though I guess Steve Steve would prefer to meet Amanda Panda instead:
i-f37c1878301fdaba45a4f714e18a1b03-a9 Amanda Panda.JPG


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