The Scientist article on science blogs

The April issue of The Scientist contains a good article on science blogging, titled Scooped by a Blog by David Secko (Vol. 21, Issue 4, page 21) focusing on publishing data on blogs, running an Open Notebook lab online, and the way blogs are affecting the evolution of science publishing.

The main story of the article is the story about the way Reed Cartwright's quick comment on a paper led to his co-autorship on the subsequent paper on the topic. But you can read all about it on his blog, including the article excerpt on the story.

Others interviewed for the story are Larry Moran and Jean-Claude Bradley who will, I assume, post something about it soon. The portion of the article about me is under the fold....

Blogs are not just for commenting on published papers; they are also
used for posting novel data. In April 2006, Bora Zivkovic posted an
undergraduate paper about aggression in crayfish on his blog,
Circadiana. "It was undergraduate research that was impossible to
continue," says Zivkovic, a graduate student at North Carolina State
University at Raleigh, who coorganized the blogging conference. It took
a lot of work to get permission to post the paper, he says, but in the
end people thought it better for the paper to be accessible than to
collect dust.

Zivkovic concedes that he has had less luck in convincing people that he
should post his dissertation on his blog before he publishes it. "But if
and when I get to having my own lab I'd like to be completely open," he
says, "having a live blog where everyone posts what happens in the lab
every day."

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