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Sheril is in South Africa taking pictures of poopin' elfants.


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Bibliodyssey just published an outstanding collection of illustrations depicting the development of the microscope. I recently saw these antique microscopes at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, and I enjoyed trying to match my photos with the engravings. This ornately decorated…
Blame 'Night of the Living Dead' for this, but many people mistakenly think that zombies are nocturnal, going around their business of walking around town with stilted gaits, looking for people whose brains they can eat, only at night. You think you are safe during the day? You are dangerously…
The left hand of the AMNH Tyrannosaurus mount.
It's not the best way to kick of a new blog theme -- on Friday night with a half-hearted entry -- but I promised last week that I would begin Phylogeny Fridays today, so I need to deliver. For the first ever Phylogeny Friday, we have the greatest phylogeny of them all, the Tree of Life. Go…

haha love it! glad you're thinking of me.

ek es blay (afrikaans)

By Sheril Kirshenbaum (not verified) on 29 Jun 2007 #permalink