Friday Cat Blogging - never on Friday

Well, it's been a long time since I posted pictures of my cats, and a month since I last saw them and photographed them, so here they are (under the fold):

Last time you saw Orange Julius he was just a tiny little kitten. He is a huge cat now:
i-4582e4517d326dbc19ddc7e6e16ffcc1-OJ 1.jpg
i-b93661da46b447733e86b4d2015d5012-OJ 2.jpg

Marbles looks a little skinny now. I think I'll take her to the vet this week. Certainly, with O.J. growing fast, Marbles needs to loose a couple of ovaries ASAP:
i-4a47135b6ecc9d1e9296ceec178f34fa-Marbles 1.jpg
i-d3279bb352c3b156c5a23d4ba6f33294-Marbles 2.jpg
i-06be27caf76f7e4d017ee951b71c94ac-Marbles 3.jpg

Biscuit is her old own magnificent self, the ultimate Aristocat:
i-dc2ee661a6c3442fc59ac61c63bd5988-Biscuit 1.jpg
i-0ac21813c44a8ec3ec47331bcdd5e379-Biscuit 2.jpg


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OJ will go, too. Let him grow up a couple of more months.