Marbles and Orange Julius - new pictures

New pictures, under the fold

i-4a47135b6ecc9d1e9296ceec178f34fa-Marbles 1.jpg
i-245b5c9727a07a0211dd65fbaff5ee40-Marbles 2new.jpg
i-fd44bd6d1016832817a03f33a20b5fa5-Marbles and OJ on sink.jpg
i-e8d9da49081fa8284d90afb8506c2e29-OJ and Marbles 1.jpg
i-6d67bbaad1adbb7ddee78fd0e5abf600-OJ and Marbles 2.jpg
i-1757151ff355bacd11c112bc86ac6303-OJ sleeping on a chair.jpg
i-e11e9a063156859dacd4eaa2744a0f99-OJ waking up on a chair.jpg
i-e5686caf0cc039b5c4f9536fe713f4ac-OJ awake on the chair.jpg
i-d9611de0ada799d4d2604adc01e70e32-OJ on a desk.jpg
i-810f0776b8e11434ac646f97c07ba686-OJ on a desk 2.jpg
i-71cfe4c642fcd7ae84f165cb2da425b6-OJ on the sink.jpg


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Well, it's been a long time since I posted pictures of my cats, and a month since I last saw them and photographed them, so here they are (under the fold): Last time you saw Orange Julius he was just a tiny little kitten. He is a huge cat now: Marbles looks a little skinny now. I think I'll take…
Marbles (left) and Biscuit (right):

Aw, they're cute. I need to put up some more pictures of my cats sometime soon, too (we're still fostering Beatrice, hoping to find her a home). Lately Chase, the oldest of our cats, has taken a fancy to try to stand/walk on my books while I'm reading. He'll usually come up behind me on the couch, put one paw out on the page, and if I keep it still he usually ends up standing on the book until I can't hold him up anymore.

Happy Caturday! Pictures number 5 and 8 are sickeningly cute!