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Grand Rounds 3.52 are up on Six Until Me.

Carnival of the Green #95 is up on Green Style Mag.

The latest Carnival of the Godless is up on Ain't Christian.

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tags: blog carnivals, Grand Rounds This week's edition, issue 3.52, of the blog carnival Grand Rounds is now available. This blog carnival focuses on stories with medical significance, and is one of the longest running blog carnivals out there!
Dear Cultists, welcome to the Temple of Godlessness that is Aardvarchaeology. I will be your High Priest this evening, introducing the latest and greatest blog writing on the subject of Above Us Only Sky. Sisters and brothers, let us pray. Austin Atheist sets the spotlight on an atheistic writer…
Welcome to the third edition of Animalcules, complete with a top-secret birthday message for everyone's favorite thorn in the side of creationists, PZ Myers. (Or Meyers, or Meijers, or several other more creative mispellings, I'm sure). There have been several posts around the blogosphere…
I And The Bird #95 is up on Birds O' The Morning Carnival of the Blue #22 is up on Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets Carnival of the Green #169 is up on Turning Transparent in a Green World Grand Rounds 5:24 are up on Health Business Blog Friday Ark #233 is up on Modulator