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The National Center for Science Education has launched which will contain responses to Ben Stein’s pro-ID crapola Expelled once the movie goes live on April 18th.
I have to confess that I really like Sim City. I have not touched it since I started blogging .... but I have many fond memories of firing all the hospital workers and unleashing tornadoes on wealthy neighborhoods, or using the terraforming tools to build landscape with a barely hidden but rich…
There is a museum at the Pier with many, many old toys and games found at arcades. All are perfectly functional. Some are more than 100 years old. Here is a sample:
Every year there's a Super Bowl, and every year the whole shebang gets started by a famous person tossing a coin into the air. The team winning the toss gets to decide whether they want to begin the game on offense or defense. Theoretically this choice might produce an advantage. If so, would be…

a little bit late, the 28th is nearly over here


U.S pushed it to the first sunday of november