"The Truth and Truthiness, together at last!"

If you look over to you right (you may have to refresh your page or click on internal links and thus raise my pageviews to see it) you will see an ad on the right side-bar that takes you to PLoS ONE. The first 50 readers of scienceblogs who click on that ad and complete registration will receive a Free PLoS ONE T-shirt. And then, once registered, use that registration to rate, annotate and comment on articles there.

If you looked around Scienceblogs.com over the last couple of days (I think it is gone now), you could also see the ad for Colbert Report on the top of the page. So, with some luck, or a few refreshes of the page, you can get both the Colbert ad and the PLoS ad on the same page, like this:

i-4207c77cc07a731e66b6e155db5d3fa0-PLoS ONE ad on Sb.JPG

When Dave saw this combination, he exclaimed:

Check it out -- ads for the Colbert Report and PLoS, all on one page! The Truth and Truthiness, together at last!

Now, if you go from Scienceblogs.com to PLoS ONE and keep clicking around the front page and the individual articles, you will see a number of rotating ads and banners there as well and you may be able to see a banner that looks like this:

i-c531724880274d904a9e438ce1bf8b7e-seed banner on plos2.JPG

When you click on it, you will end up at this post on Gene Expression. Or, if you keep clicking, you may see something like this on top of a page:

i-7df335d80759fa02ffb6badbf985c9da-seed banner on plos.JPG

When you click on it, you will be transported to this post on Zooillogix. More such banners will be found there in the future. Isn't it great that the two organizations - one I work for and one I blog for - love each other so much?


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