Theory and Practice

First: the difference between theory and practice.

Second: the theory.

Third: still to come, I hope, a YouTube video of Steinn demonstrating the practice of parallel parking.

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I've been saying "in theory, there is no difference bw theory and practice" for years, wondering who I should be crediting for the quote -- but I've never had so clear and succinct an example.

Seriously -- it looks like a bit of fun, but there is a significant insight there, something that goes directly to the heart of what science *is*. That really is some of the best blogging of the year.

I assume that the dates for Open Lab consideration are set to allow posts between submission closure and the end of each year to be considered for the next year's compilation? In which case, allow me to make the first submission for Open Lab 2008 -- those two posts from Stein.

We don't have a widget yet, of course, but start bookmarking posts written on December 21st 2007 or later.

Umm, the quote about theory and practice is something that's usually attributed to Yogi Berra. Credit where credit is due?

[until, of course, one finds someone who said it even earlier than Berra did ...]