Tesla - still an inspiration

Guru alerts me to a sweet article about Nikola Tesla and how he is inspiring writers and artists - Tesla Slept Here by Mark Singer in the latest New Yorker :

The Tesla saga has provided fodder for an opera, a play, and several biographies. Standing in the lobby the other day, Kinney mentioned that he had been contacted not long ago by a woman named Natasa Drakula (from that family), who was interested in making a film about artists who were inspired by Tesla. Among the most recent is Samantha Hunt, whose novel "The Invention of Everything Else" will be published next month. Its plot, not easily condensed, involves Tesla, a hotel chambermaid named Louisa, her father and his best friend, a semi-functional time machine, a mysterious visitor from the future, and a white pigeon who is the object of Tesla's most ardent affection.

Read the whole thing.

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