SBC pictures - Saturday, part 1

Here are some pictures from the Conference itself (under the fold):

i-b45fd8c6a69bf58e90e28588f1958950-SBC Saturday 001.jpg
i-100fb2bf8ea3048492d9bf06aa0606bf-SBC Saturday 002.jpg
i-0ee1a9be9880613ddbb6caa25dd8fe23-SBC Saturday 003.jpg
i-65a3b549726ef0dc0968f33e5bca3a41-SBC Saturday 004.jpg
i-77464948fdfc430b528d315b9d6acbad-SBC Saturday 005.jpg
i-9d9f079a2937885e01c315937c48d41e-SBC Saturday 006.jpg
i-ce901eb0a1c264b34e6c2523aef86b9d-SBC Saturday 008.jpg
i-499c86c0b7509f7841e0af63d8a184e1-SBC Saturday 009.jpg
i-1c24e500db3138fd0188b309135b6874-SBC Saturday 010.jpg
i-2ba2ba296ce9e564ed71db26512abf1c-SBC Saturday 011.jpg
i-5aa52456dfa9a288028bcc20088be0d5-SBC Saturday 012.jpg
i-003cbdbe3ce509839d9e8b02445c10d9-SBC Saturday 013.jpg
i-f79e81e14988c448a7f67c02090329ee-SBC Saturday 014.jpg
i-b3bfa1de67f447ffdc57f31e3618daeb-SBC Saturday 015.jpg
i-940c6da929157056f9fe3c536d1d44ed-SBC Saturday 016.jpg
i-30a6f85d5811721c85b66f0594513ad2-SBC Saturday 017.jpg


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