Welcome the newest SciBlings!

Go say Hello to DrugMonkey and PhysioProf, the newest acquisitions by The Borg, at DrugMonkey blog. Both are regular readers and commenters on this blog, always providing thoughtful and intelligent (and provocative) additions to the conversation. A great addition to the scienceblogs.com universe!


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The word on the e-streets is that DrugMonkey co-blogger, PhysioProf, has hung out a new shingle at. . .PhysioProf, the blog. (So as not to confuse the issues, DrugMonkey is the lead blogger at DrugMonkey the blog. . .does that make sense?). But we get the best of both worlds: PhysioProf will still…

Thanks Bora!

"(and provocative)"

hey now, you're going to give us a reputation to uphold...

By DrugMonkey (not verified) on 25 Jan 2008 #permalink

You already came in with that reputation, let's not lower the expectations now ;-)