See you at the SRBR meeting!

The 11th Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms will be held in Sandestin, FL on May 17th-21st, 2008. And I'll be there. This meeting occurs every two years (on even-numbered years, the International Congress and the Gordon Conference are in odd-numbered years). I attended three or four of these when it was down on Amelia Island, FL. Then I skipped the one in Whistler, Canada, four years ago as I had no money to go, and the one in Sandestin two years ago as I was out of science. But I'll be going back - with a mission: to explain Open Access to my colleagues, to get them to publish with PLoS, to get them to read my blog, to catch up with my field and to do some blog-interviews with the interesting people there. So, if you are chronobiologist and you'll be there, please find me and say Hi.

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