Europe, here I come!

My spring traveling schedule has now crystallized. This is my schedule - if you are in any of those places at just the right time, let me know and let's meet.

I'll be arriving in London on April 9 early in the morning. I'd like to have a huge bloggers' meetup that first night, if possible, as I will spend the rest of the time in UK at the PLoS offices in Cambridge (and if you live there, let's meet). I may also need a place to stay that first night in London (I have some family and friends there as well, so I may stay there). I'll stay in the UK until April 15th in the afternoon.

I'll arrive in Trieste on April 15 in the late evening. I will be on a panel on Open Access on the 17th and a panel on Science Blogging on the 18th, as a part of the Science FEST there. If you will be there, come and say Hi.

I'll travel from Italy to Belgrade, Serbia on April 21st. Of course I have a place to stay in Belgrade - it's called 'home' (I have not been since 1995!). While there, I will give a talk about Open Access at the Ministry of Labor as well as, hopefully, to a group of librarians and at the University. I will try to organize a blogger meetup and go to Novi Sad to visit my horse.

I'll be in Berlin from April 30th at noon until May 2 at noon and leave the next day at noon. I'll meet with some PLoS people and I hope also with some German Scienceblogs bloggers.

I'll be back home in Chapel Hill on May 3rd in the afternoon.

Next, I'll go to Sandestin, Florida, from May 17-21, to attend this meeting to meet my fellow chronobiologists.


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Ohh, this is going to be fun. Okay, I suggest that we begin at the Natural History Museum on the 9th for a giant squid viewing and behind the scenes tour, and then proceed to [insert some pub]. I can also come to Yuri's night in Camden on the 12th. Don't forget to bring Professor Steve Steve for photo ops.

Yes, it will be great to meet you Bora.

And as mentioned above, there will indeed be some kind of pub action for science bloggers in London. I'm rallying the Nature Network bloggers and other local contacts. nunatek - starting at the NHM would be wonderful if that can be arranged.

Oooo, excited now.

Also, membership to the Museum's worth it if only because it grants you access to this weird little hidden room where the door's camouflaged into the wall and inside, there's a small kitchen, natty chairs and a TV/VCR armed with lots of nature documentaries. Feels exactly like a school common room except (a) it's about 40 ft away from the giant Diplodocus in the main hall and (b) all the bookcases are full of crocodile skulls, fossils and assorted zoological paraphernalia.

Hi Bora - London might not be possible for me, though Cambridge might be. Would be great to renew our acquaintance after SciFoo.

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