This is What a Feminist Looks Like

Ignore the mysogynist commentary over on YouTube....


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I don't read YouTube comments unless I'm reeeeally up for burning away a bunch of neurons and synapses. The commercial is well thought out tho.

That kind of easily accessible message could also work for inreasing public acceptance/support of evolution. For instance, commercials featuring medical imagery (e.g., people receiving vaccines, or perhaps vaccines being developed, or both, whatever) ending with a trite slogan like "What evolution does". Or something like that, analogous in ways to the "plastics make it possible" campaign of the chemical industry.

That is a very good point. Can we find someone to make such a movie?

SEA seems to be big on these kinds of efforts, or perhaps we could do what ScienceDebate2008 did and line up a number of big-name sponsors for a much broader advertising campaign.

I think there is a friendly camera-wielding scientist out there for just such a task. Talk to Moshe about it! I am sure he would be interested.

Loved the video...except for Michael Moore's little bit. I think he's a poor choice for anything meant to have a universal draw. Especially when his statement could easily be misconstrued as a push for a reversal rather than an equalization of the system. While I almost always agree with Mr. Moore's opinions on issues, I think his efforts to make the boldest possible statements often works against any real conversion.

I would love to see an evolution video like this. Especially if you got scientists and doctors of some renown as well as celebrities that have benefited from medical and scientific advancements.

This is what a feminist looks like

Kind of laterally squished?

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