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Bouphonia: The Conservatism to Come.

SciCurious: Weird Science: it's Friday!. Since I do not have time and energy for my Friday Weird Sex Blogging series, I am glad that someone picked up on it. This post is about condoms and why they break.

Echidne: He Loved Horses

Two excellent posts and comment threads - I wish these guys were blogging back when I was in grad school: PhysioProf: Strategic Planning: How To Complete Fascinating Projects And Publish Them In Top Journals and DrugMonkey: Strategic Planning: How to Secure Funding in a Climate of Arbitrary Selection

Anna Kushnir wrote a letter to WIRED Science: Why are Senior Female Scientists so Heavily Outnumbered by Men? There are mysogynist idiots in the comments who need a dose of organic shoe-polish....

Sukhdev in Web Land: What can Bloggers do for Open Access? and Open Access: What it is and why it is required for scholarly community?

A little promotional stuff: I'm Sorry I Haven't a Kluge and It takes a village.

Jay Rosen: What Happened to Scott McClellan in Longer Perspective: 100 Years of the White House Press

Henry Gee: The Ecology at the Maison Des Girrafes and The Zoology at the Maison Des Girrafes.

Janet comments on this article: Journals Find Fakery in Many Images Submitted to Support Research

So, Bill Clinton did not, in kids' minds, change the definition of sex.

Are they nuts? Belgian media reject 20th and 21st century.

Do you know the nationality of scientists? Quiz Time! Part 2: country of origin

Glenn Greenwald: Scott McClellan on the 'liberal media', Network news anchors praise the job they did in the run-up to the war, CNN/MSNBC reporter: Corporate executives forced pro-Bush, pro-war narrative, The right-wing Politico cesspool and Interview with former 'Donahue' producer and MSNBC pundit Jeff Cohen.

Carl Zimmer on E.coli.

Jonathan Eisen: Top 10 Things Francis Collins Might Do After NHGRI


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Ignore the mysogynist commentary over on YouTube....
A three-fer from Echidne:Divorce -- Preparing For Travels in WingnuttiaChristian Lady Blogging -- Part One Of Travels in WingnuttiaDivorce: Part Two of Travels in Wingnuttia

I have to say, Bora, I was floored by the comments on the WIRED post. Floored. I know that I need to grow a thicker skin in this blogging world of our, but geez! There were people questioning my intelligence, the value of my PhD, and telling me to shut up and go make dinner. That was something. Eye-opening responses. Not entirely unexpected, unfortunately, but still eye-opening.

Yup, WIRED is more like a general town-square place. Science blogs are more like halls of academia, where there is a certain level of education, understanding and ettiquette. It can be shocking to venture outside sometimes. But, hey, I started with political blogs and wacthed how nutty commenters are on feminist blogs. You did not get it as bad as Shakes and Jill and Amanda sometimes get....