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Female Concave-eared Frogs Draw Mates With Ultrasonic Calls:

Most female frogs don't call; most lack or have only rudimentary vocal cords. A typical female selects a mate from a chorus of males and then --silently -- signals her beau. But the female concave-eared torrent frog, Odorrana tormota, has a more direct method of declaring her interest: She emits a high-pitched chirp that to the human ear sounds like that of a bird.

Math Plus 'Geeky' Images Equals Deterred Students:

Images of maths 'geeks' stop people from studying mathematics or using it in later life, shows new research.

Kids Think Eyeglasses Make Other Kids Look Smart:

Young children tend to think that other kids with glasses look smarter than kids who don't wear glasses, according to a new study.

Genetics Confirm Oral Traditions Of Druze In Israel:

DNA analysis of residents of Druze villages in Israel suggests these ancient religious communities offer a genetic snapshot of the Near East as it was several thousands of years ago.

Worms Triple Sperm Transfer When Paternity Is At Risk:

Scientists used to think that hermaphrodites, due to their low position in the evolutionary scale, did not have sufficiently developed sensory systems to assess the "quality" of their mates. A new work has shown, however, that earthworms are able to detect the competition by fertilising the eggs that is going to find its sperm, tripling its volume when there is rivalry. This ability is even more refined as they are able to transfer more sperm to more fertile partners.

Fish Diet To Avoid Fights With Slightly Larger Rivals:

People diet to look more attractive. Fish diet to avoid being beaten up, thrown out of their social group - and getting eaten as a result.

What Does The Label On Your Chicken Really Mean?:

Buying chicken these days is not like it used to be. With labels like "100 percent natural," "organic," "grain-fed," and "free range," many consumers don't really know what they're buying.

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It's mating season for frogs in Kansas. On a walk through the Baker Wetlands, the air was full of the sweet nothings frogs sing to each other. I'm not sure what species they were, but I'm guessing it was mostly cricket frogs. In Aristophanes' classic comedy The Frogs, the chorus of frogs sing:…
During the breeding season male frogs are compelled to grab moving objects and engage them in amplexus, the tight 'breeding clasp' that occurs either under the forelimbs (axillary amplexus) or around the waist (inguinal amplexus), depending on the species. Amplexus is assisted by roughened pads of…
Male (left) and female L. Larvaepartus frogs discovered in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Image from Figure 2 of PLOS ONE article. A new species of frog (Limnonectes larvaepartus) has been discovered in the rain forest of Sulawesi island in Indonesia. This species challenges the grade-school…