SRBR - Day 2

As you know, I am currently in Florida, at the 20th Anniversary meeting of the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms, that is, my own society. I have not been since 2002, so I am surprised to see how many people remember may face and are happy to see me.

I am also surprised to hear how many people in the field read this blog - some more some less regularly - and even use the ClockTutorials and some other Chronobiology posts in teaching their courses on Biological Clocks. I would have know this before if they would just post comments here!

What I am not surprised, yet am pleased, is how much people are in support of Open Access and love PLoS. I have already talked to dozens of people about the details of PLoS is and what it does and how it does it and why that is good and they should publish with us - and they are very receptive.

I have seen a bunch of interesting talks and posters already. Instead of blogging them myself, I will interview their authors and post the interviews here after I come back home - so look out for a nice series of summer interviews here with various luminaries of the field, ranging from living legends, through currently top researchers, to bright up-and-coming students.

And yes, I am taking pictures, but will post them later. Here, just to make sure everyone knows, is the photographic proof that Professor Steve Steve is having fun:

i-66168924dc8da4dc3b55b0d6b43b92e3-srbr 014.jpg

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