Can't Blaspheme Any More!

Have you been to Pandagon lately? Have you seen the brand new look, design and layout? Cool!

Which reminds me that I have read Amanda's book, It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments, on my first 2-3 flights in Europe last month. I left it with my cousin - let's spread the new, fun kind of feminism to the Balkans!

i-7a3988915ff25d63450a1da111ff7b31-Amanda Panda.JPG

I have been reading Amanda Marcotte online since before she joined the crew at Pandagon and I have to say that, as a white, middle-aged, middle-class man, I learned from her blogging a lot about things I used to take for granted, things I have which many other people do not have. It is through reading Pandagon (and a couple of other feminist blogs) that I became aware of the implicit sexism of the society and, in some cases, in my own head. I have learned how to notice and recognize subtle sexism which I could not before, and how to combat it and, in the process, become a better person myself.

Amanda's book is a delight to read. It is funny (I startled some fellow passengers on the plane when I laughed out loud a few times). It is not as "foul-mouthed" as her blog-posts sometimes are (but there are occasions when an F-word is the only appropriate response to someone's obstinate idiocy). It covers all the bases of the current state of gender (as well as racial, ideological, religious, etc.) relationships in the USA (and it is focused on the USA by design, so no need to complain about the lack of coverage of other societies). I intend to buy several copies and give them out as presents to people I think NEED to read this. I hope it is an eye-opener to them, just as reading Pandagon was an eye-opener for me.

My only problem with the book? No "Blaspheme" button on the bottom of each page that I can click on and post a comment!

And now, with the re-design of Pandagon, oh blasphemy!, there is no "Blaspheme" button any more!

Update: Amanda is fast!!! She saw this and immediately fixed her blog - instead of the "Publish" button, you can, once again, press "Blaspheme" in order to post your comment.

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Since you obviously carry weight with Amanda, could you please ask her to set up her RSS feed so that the name of each post author is displayed right under the post title? At least with Google Reader, the only way to indentify the post author is to click through to the blog.

Your request, sir, has been forwarded to the relevant authorities.