Dry Ice + Soap..... see what happens


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If you toss a piece of dry ice into the soapy washing-up tub for lab glassware, it will make bubbles AND zip around like a little speedboat with a crazed driver. Just make sure no killjoys are around to get you into trouble for playing in the lab.

For whatever bizarre reason, in my grad school lab we had to fill all our dirty lab glassware with water and store it full until it was time to wash. As you can well imagine, no dry ice shipment went wasted under these conditions - as many as 20 beakers, vials, and flasks would get a piece of dry ice and a shake of dry soap simultaneously. It was like an awesome Halloween party in lab every single day. That makes me almost miss lab. Not quite though.

that such a Peruvian and I'm named Luis Cancino:
I charm the way it applied the soap with dry ice but I ask you please send me the correct procedure as well as materials and exact quantities to be able to do it,