Inside Duke Medicine

If you came to either the first or the second Science Blogging Conference (or both) you may remember that, among other goodies in your swag bag, you also got a copy or two of Inside Duke Medicine, the employee publication for the Duke University Health System.

And, you may remember it looked kind of....soooo last century ;-)

Furthermore, it had its publishing model backwards - it was Print-to-Web, i.e., the well-crafted articles were first printed in hardcopy and then posted online almost as an after-thought.

Well, that model does not work, so Duke got smart and hired a visionary - Anton Zuiker

Over the past 18 months, Anton turned the publication around. Now, it is the way it should be - Web-to-Print. The news, stories, video clips and blog posts are constantly being added to the brand new website which, I may be biased but I think so, totally kicks ass!

Then, the best pieces get prepared for hardcopy print and get printed in the completely redesigned newsletter, for those who prefer to read on paper (or still have not discovered the 'On' button on their computers).

Anton describes the process in his own words. So, if you grab that RSS feed or make a bookmark, you will always be up-to-date on what's happening at Duke Medicine.

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