War on Christmas? Ho-ho-ho!

There is no clearer and better example of Artificial controversy than the War on Christmas, as Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity re-invent it every year in order to boost their tanking ratings. What War on Christmas? Just drive along a street and see all the lights on houses, go into a store and look at the merchandise while listening to the Christmas music, peer into people's windows to see decorated Christmas trees and presents, or turn on any radio station - Christmas is everywhere.

But, believe it or not, there are people who are even stupider than O'Reilly and Hannity - people who really want to ban Christmas! Who? The Bosnian education authorities:

"Is Santa Clause a religious figure? He doesn't wear anything religious (maybe only a funny hat like the Pope). He is dressed in red - probably a communist, in which case it's safe to say he's not that religious. He is fat and round just like Buddah, but I guess that's probably the consequence of a reindeer meat diet and too much coke.


By banning the Santa, people from the Bosnian education authorities who did this proved that ultra-nationalists from all three sides in Bosnia - Croatian, Serbian and Bosniak, have two things in common - 1. they all really, really hate Santa, and 2. they are all really, really stupid. This ban would probably not last thanks to the outrage it caused among normal people in Bosnia and the decision will probably be reversed, just like after that Darwin ban situation in Serbia some time ago."

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They didn't ban santa and Christmas. The figure in question is "Grandfather Frost" , a communist era relic that brought gifts to kids on New Years eve, not Christmas.

And they didn't ban him, they said they wouldn't pay for one unless majority of parents from the kindergartens requested they do.

I Love Deda Mraz! I got presents from him when I was a kid. New Year's Eve, opening New Year's Presents under the New Year's Tree - that was awesome!

I loved him too. Got gifts from fathers workplace, mothers workplace, home, but never kindergarten.

I wonder if he is gonna stop by kindergartens in Zagreb and Belgrade. Somehow I doubt it.

Is this the place where I can sign up for The War On O'Reilly and Hannity?

ps: Please tell Deda Mraz that I have been good. Most of the time. Well, some of the time anyway.

Actually, the War Against Christmas has been won...by the Christians losing out to the credit crunch and higher energy prices. I'm finding more and more homes that traditionally were, well, traditional in their lit-up insanity, are instead this year being subtle or not at all. Seems a $300 electric bill in January isn't worth proclaiming your faith in Santa and Rudolph (oh, and that manger scene, too).

Makes me wonder if THAT is why they want Christmas and Nativity scenes on Government property: then they can show their stuff without having to pay the bill...

By Joe Shelby (not verified) on 23 Dec 2008 #permalink