ScienceOnline'09 - Sunday blogging


And here is what bloggers wrote so far today:

The Logical Operator: Not-so-live blogging Science Online '09
The Logical Operator: Science Fiction on Science Blogs - Science Online '09, Day 1
The End Of The Pier Show: Lines Written At 1.20 am ET Sunday 18 January
The End Of The Pier Show: Prevarication, 7.30 am ET, Sunday 18 January
Highly Allochthonous: ScienceOnline Day 1: generalised ramblings
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Nature Blogging 101
White Coat Underground: Carolina dreamin'
Makroskop, laboratorium przyszÅoÅci: Science Online '09
The Flying Trilobite: ScienceOnline09 - my bouncing brain
The Flying Trilobite: ScienceOnline09 - Art & Science afterword
Deep Thoughts and Silliness: Semi-live Blogging Scienceonline09: Day 2
Gobbledygook: ScienceOnline09: Providing public health and medical information to all
business|bytes|genes|molecules: Rethinking Wikipedia
FairerScience Weblog: Gender, Race and Oversized Postcards
Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets: Science Online 09: In Praise Of Connections
Open Reading Frame: Another wonderful conference
Southern Fried Science: Thoughts on ScienceOnline'09
Rastro de Carbono: Filosofando sobre divulgação e jornalismo cientÃfico
Brontossauros em meu jardim: Importante! Boas e más notÃcias!
Raio-X: Lablogatórios no ScienceOnline'09
The Real Paul Jones: Science Online 09, The Opposite(s) of Property, Steam Power and Carrboro Obama Fest
Expression Patterns: I'm asleep right now
business|bytes|genes|molecules: ScienceOnline'09: The return journey
Biochemicalsoul: ScienceOnline09 - Warm, Fuzzy Feelings
Mistersugar: ScienceOnline'09 is pau hana

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