Daylight Saving Time

Yup, it's tonight.

If you were around here a few months ago, the day after the Fall Back day, you probably read this post.

Disregarding the debate over rhetoric of science, that is probably my best, most detailed explanation for what happens to our bodies on those too strange days of the year - Spring Forward and Fall Back day.

Spring Forward is much more dangerous, so be very careful in the mornings next week, especially on Monday. Take it easy, get up slowly, be a little late for work if you can afford it. Life and health are more important than a few minutes of work and being punctual on a day like that.

And that post also contains a bunch of links at the bottom to other posts on the topic.

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Yup, I had sarma for dinner tonight. It's been a while since the last time I had some, but Mrs.Coturnix fixed it today, inventing her own recipe along the way. It was delicious!

Thanks for the reminder. Fortunately for me, I'll be on "break" this week - and hopefully that will help ease Minnow's transition as well.