Turtle in front of my door

Rainy day, so yummy earthworms are out and about:

i-75de4338ee986e2024279fd1f4f56315-turtle 001.jpg
i-822e0215ddf87b292a65f633e0fbce65-turtle 002.jpg
i-8565cb7a1abb41987ad7c21413f2b878-turtle 003.jpg

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...taking pictures of Marbles and Orange Julius a minute ago - aren't they sweet?
Do you remember this study (also see it here, here, here) we did a few years ago? Well, I just got my hands on some pictures from the time we did it - just individual animals, not pairs as they fought (we had to pay attention to score behaviors, not waste time on taking pictures):
Yesterday I went to the Belgrade Racecourse and the barns and was happy to meet many of my old friends, including my old trainer (with Professor Steve Steve below) as well as some good new kids, including two sisters who used to own and ride my old horse. There were two small show jumping classes…
Taken from my porch a few minutes ago:

It was happily munching earthworms, but by the time I grabbed my camera, my dog scared it back into its shell.

Lucky you! Terrapene carolina, for the curious. Looks like a probable female (eye color).

By Sven DiMilo (not verified) on 18 May 2009 #permalink