Twitter and Science presentation from the 140 Characters Conference

A bunch of interesting Twitterers aggregated in NYC a couple of days ago at the 140 characters conference, discussing various aspects of and uses of Twitter. One of the sessions was about Twitter and Science, led by @thesciencebabe and @jayhawkbabe. I am very jealous I could not be there, but we can all watch the video of their session:

Happy to see the last slide, with @PLoS as one of the recommended Twitter streams to follow for those interested in science.

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Now, did people twitter and blog this conference as it was happening, or did they need to get permission from the presenters first?

LOL! Nope, not a science conference, thus totally open. The hashtag #140conf was even in the top 10 Trending on Twitter during the conference.

I feel honored since I am @PLoS! But really, it's the amazing science that we publish that makes my job easy. Thanks guys. Liz