Galileo's telescope is 400 years old

And Google celebrates:


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Galileo's telescope was around 14-16x power, according to Wikipedia. My son just got a 100x telescope for his birthday a week ago. I can't wait until the moon is full and we can really use it on something that'll dazzle a 7-year-old.

I was wondering why google had changed the artwork....I wish they had a brief explanation on it's page of the artwork. It would be nice to have a quick bit of 'good' knowledge in the midst of endless propaganda.

By Electronic Cigar (not verified) on 26 Aug 2009 #permalink

When you see a fancy Google logo, click on it and you'll see a Google Search for the topic of the day.

Nice 100x. Think about it, in 400 years we still use reflector telescopes here on earth. But the best part is we now have orbital telescopes that can see in infrared, UV, X-ray, etc.

Ray Ingles @1

After the dazzle of the full moon, try a 3/4 full moon. The shadows let you see the elevation of mountains near the terminator. Now that's really cool!

By Super Sally (not verified) on 27 Aug 2009 #permalink

Galileo. Written 1972
This song has been around for awhile, and I think this is the fourth
recorded version of it. Maybe fifth. To find out learning is fun.
I guess that is the point.
My kids who sang on this version, told me that now they know
about Galileo because they memorized the lyrics to this song.
I wondered if that could happen, way before my own children
showed up, and low and behold, it could and did. There are a
couple more of these type of tunes, as Galileo was originally
part of a series. Get a real job Issac (Newton), and Socrates
you're a tease. (boom, splash:-)
Hereâs the rest of them!