Tatjana in NYTimes!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know Tatjana Jovanovic-Grove. Or you can remind yourself by checking this, this, this, this and this.

If you came to ScienceOnline09 (or followed virtually) you will remember that she co-moderated two sessions there: Open Access in the networked world: experience of developing and transition countries and How to paint your own blog images .

Well, today, Tatjana is in New York Times! I hear from those who get the papers in hardcopy, that the article starts on the front page, but the part with the interview with Tatjana and her husband Doug is on the third page of the online version of the article. I wish the theme of the piece was happier....but who knows, perhaps appearance in the Old Media (especially if the link is spread virally via New Media) may bring in a job!

What is really nice is that the online version of the article links to Tatjana's Etsy store, so perhaps she'll get some business that way!

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Hvala, Boro :-)

In both versions it shows Etsy.com and it is important trend, as large number of US etsians are buying from US artisans as well. Many requests come with "OK, I know I can get this in the first store, but thought to give a chance to someone to make it and earn some money" which is in fact, helping both US economy, reducing carbon print, and giving a chance to local people. Also, there is a strong sense amongst users to use recycled / upcycled and organic material. I think it is really good promotion and bringing attention to etsy.