Fossil Jewelry

These are totally cool!

i-9a42de833ebe00da5b12a81e9203304c-trilobite jewelry.jpg

See the Stephaniegeology etsy store for more. What she did is get some actual fossils from Doug Grove (husband of Tatjana Jovanovic-Grove), make molds out of these fossils and then make jewelry from those molds. Fascinating!


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A colleague of mine in the English dept. used to wear a coprolite slide for his bolo tie (he was a bit eccentric) on days they had faculty meetings. "I wear it in honor of all the fossilized old shits in our department", he'd say.

As soon as pendants arrive, I'll take a photo and send it. I can hardly wait to see them in person. Steph is a professional in every way. I am sure Doug never thought that his fossil collection will have this kind of display :-)